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Smoke-It ELITE (Black/Blue/Pink/Gold)

Smoke-It ELITE (Black/Blue/Pink/Gold)

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Meet the steamroller that will solve all of your smoking needs. The pipe will deliver the smoothest pulls and hit the hardest. Unlike metal screens, our glass bowl is easy to clean and re-use which saves you cash in the long-term. If that wasn't enough, for a limited time we are offering an additional glass bowl HALF OFF so you can always pop in a fresh one and clean the original...."Tomorrow."

The Elite's tube is made out of high-grade durable plastic so if you're as clumsy as the rest of our customers, you can simply dust it off instead of having to look for a dust-pan and a replacement.


-1X Smoke-It ELITE(Includes 1X Glass Bowl Pre-loaded)

-1X Extra Glass bowl


DISCLAIMER: All of our products are intended to be used with legal substances only. Thank you.

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