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Taboo Twist- Twisty Glass Pipe Starter Kit

Taboo Twist- Twisty Glass Pipe Starter Kit

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  • Meet the Taboo Twist—the most advanced Twisty Glass Pipe on the market! Unlike older versions, our Taboo Twist comes with a filter(See pics) to prevent any unpleasant scooby-snax from ruining your smoke!
  • Bad Cough? Our filters also give you a cleaner hit, eliminating impurities. We even give you 10 free extras, but in our experience unless you are smoking like a chimney and solely using your Patriot Twist, those will last you 2+ years.
  • Lazy when it comes to cleaning your pieces? Simply change out a fresh tube and worry about cleaning them when all 3 have already paid dividends in terms of smoke-use.
  • Use it in your Water-pipes! By far, the absolute best place to use the Taboo Twist is in your Water-Pipe. Most water-pipe bowls are shallow and wide, which means your first few hits will be smooth, however in no time your pack is pulling through and delivering acrid smoke. The Taboo twist has a narrower mouth making it easier to “corner,” and avoid torching your pack which saves you money and preserves taste. In addition, simply twist the piece to ash your pack and keep future hits fresh.
  • Our German Schott’s Glass is so durable that we even take our Patriot Twist on the slopes with us. Simply load up your twisty, stash it in your custom mesh carrying bag, and spark it during your chair lift up the mountain so you can watch the guys behind you get jealous.

You receive:

1x Official 7Pipe Twisty Tobacco Pipe Piece
3X Patriot Taboo German Schott Glass Tubes+(6X Rubber Caps)
1X Pipe Cleaning Brush
1X Patriot Taboo Custom drawstring bag
2X Replacement O-rings
10X Cotton filters
1X Patriot Taboo Padded Case


DISCLAIMER: All of our products are intended to be used with legal substances only. Thank you.

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