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Smoke-It BASIC (Black/Blue/Pink/Gold)

Smoke-It BASIC (Black/Blue/Pink/Gold)

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-Meet the steamroller that changed it all. This baby packs a punch and filters out any, "Hot lunches," with our premium stainless steel filters.

-Don't waste your time cleaning nasty glass bowls. Simply toss the old screen in the trash and pop a fresh one in so you're back to smoking your favorite pack before the commercials end.

-This high-grade metal/glass pipe is of the highest quality and ensures that cleaning it is as effortless as smoking it.

-All orders come with 2 extra Custom Patriot Taboo Screens! Unless you are smoking like a chimney these screens can each be used for months before changing them out.


DISCLAIMER: All of our products are intended to be used with legal substances only. Thank you.

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