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7Pipe-Twisty Glass Pipe (Gold/Black)

7Pipe-Twisty Glass Pipe (Gold/Black)

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Official 7Pipe Twisty Glass Tobacco Pipes can fit into ANY 18mm(larger of the 2 sizes) water pipe openings to enjoy the smoothest hits without inhaling the impurities in the smoke removed by water filtration!

All 7Pipe Glass tubes are made out of 100% genuine German Schott’s Glass. This means that when accidentally drop your piece on the ground, you won’t be looking for a replacement!

Avoid harmful counterfeits! While the pipes may look the same, Non-US sellers are importing pipes with colored-coatings that can be dangerous to smoke! Smoke your tobacco soundly knowing you bought an authentic.

Each factory-sealed package includes:
1x Official 7Pipe Twisty Tobacco Pipe Piece
1X German Schott Glass Tube
1X Packing tool
2X Rubber caps
1X Replacement O-ring
1X Product diagram insert
1X Official 7Pipes Giftbox

DISCLAIMER: All of our products are intended to be used with legal substances only. Thank you.

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